6 Kinds of People you’ll find at LearnSocial

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.

Welcome back! Before I start writing this week’s post, I hope that you now have a clear idea about the culture that we’ve been setting up and other things that we’re working on, to optimize our employee’s performance. In honor of LearnSocial and its launch recently, I decided to break down the different types of teams that I’ve built and worked along with till now that have made us what we are as a whole entity. And as a bonus, I’ll throw in some cheesy football analogies, seeing that it’s the FIFA World Cup 2014….


BOOM!!! These people are jack of all trades. Whether picking up new code or new technologies, they’ll be the vastly useful resources/team. Just give them a task, an idea or a problem that we are facing-they’ll have a solution in a JIFFY. In case they don’t, they’ll find a definite resolution the next day. Having these Generalists in a startup where things move rapidly has become an essential factor. WHY? Well, I have an answer that would never make you seek out any other explanation. EVER. Imagine a person wearing a smile that never complains about a task at the work place. How many people really do that?? We have a team that possess those typical coding skills & who would love to learn just for the heck of it and help us wherever it is needed. Where do we get this CREAM of talent in the present market, where everything is haywire and getting a proper, probable resource is the biggest challenge? Let me introduce you to #HackSocial, a Hackathon contest.  This event goes on for one complete day at the LearnSocial office from morning to evening, and coders have to build their products using the skills that we specify. If someone completes the process, then we offer them career opportunities with us. In summary, they just THINK.CODE.BUILD!



These people have that competency of keeping the flow, crafting the code and getting the job done, no matter how much time, iterations & executions it takes. What keeps them so patient? What makes their commitment level so consistent? The answer lies in 3 E’s: EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE & ENGAGEMENT. We’ve built this team after conducting thorough research, and have set clear benchmarks which would tell us if he’s THE ONE that we’re looking for. Getting this kind of highly talented, engaged, committed & self-driven people who have that hands-on experience in technical areas is a time-consuming process. But yes, sometimes a long shot pays off the biggest.

IN FOOTBALL: Running Back


Getting something unique and a pinch of overall flavour to the table is their passion. These kind of people work continuously on adding up interesting skills to a common project and get that creative edge completely. To name a few, our designers and the data junkies fall into this category.

IN FOOTBALL: Placekicker


Our Experts know everything. Any query you meet them with, you’ll have a well-defined, precise and thorough answer. They’re well known for codebases, troubleshooting and diagnosing the flaws that are encountered during assignments. In short, they’re the one-stop destination for every kind of solution you need. What makes them such experts? Simply experience and focus. Our Experts are always ready to share tantalizing knowledge, and often approached by other people on the LearnSocial floor for any kind of help here and there.

IN FOOTBALL: Quarterback


No matter what, there should be someone who always inspires everyone & their respective teams towards a common goal. They might not be a good coder, fabricator etc. but the contribution they make is always significant through their leadership and prowess. I have seen such entrepreneurial and collaborative kind of people in here who keep the team effective.



Being Social! I should say. They have the desire to change the world, & in reality that’s what they do…They’re our hard-core Societals who act as intermediaries & drive the product into the Society. They get us all kinds of strategic relationships. In my experience, as I see them proving their ability to collaborate with others, these people act as strong team players. What kind of results do they deliver? Surely, the WOW kind of one.

That’s all for now guys. It’s been an exhilarating ride for me as I’m keeping my experiences and thoughts into words. At the same time, I would love to have your opinions, suggestions and anything that you think will make us better and be the best. So, drop a mail to hr@learnsocial.com until then and keep in touch.

– Aditya GV, Human capital

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Stop Planning Great Culture. Start Living It

Great cultures don’t just happen. And if it’s a startup, you have to make it happen, and it’s worth the effort to start on that first. What kind of culture are we establishing? What makes us so different from other startups? Before I dive-in and answer these questions, let me introduce myself.

I am Aditya G.V, handling the Human Capital at LearnSocial.

I always wanted to do something interesting and be someone who constantly works on culture. Here, it’s the people and everything they do that defines the culture, in turn building the kind of company I want it to be. A widely held myth is that successful organizations are built of stars with a supporting cast, like a sports team. In reality, this model constrains the company from fully leveraging the real contribution and potential of all team members, with less collaboration and more conflict. We wanted to change the way organizations typically work and also the thought process of people related to building great companies. So, from the hiring stage itself we look at the person and see whether he is a proper culture fit in our company. And if someone is not, we don’t hesitate to keep the position open for a longer time. This is because all the Societals, as we call them, are cross-functional and also have that zeal to work inside LS as a team that would deliver path-breaking results, from building products to driving the business.

I believe that accountability, appreciation, productivity, transparency, predictability, progress, and trust between team members and managers mark the best culture. These things not only build a better culture but also allow for a better sense of morale within the employees. On a regular basis, we measure the performance of each and every employee, review them & offer perks in many ways. It is never an objective or subjective evaluation but pure PERFORMANCE only. We’re always testing ways to optimize our people, both in terms of happiness and performance. We never let people be in the same shell or work on the same project. All these things clearly indicate that we maintain the open culture, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We also designed a session called Knowledge Melt with the CEO, where all the Societals have to do some knowledge sharing in the areas of….Technology? Arts? Business? Well, about anything. Yeah you read it right and we really do that as it increases the Engagement between them to a greater extent. The office and everything else has been designed in a well-structured way that conversations and meetings related to work or play can happen then and there.

Whatever I have written until now is regarding the hiring practices and other work related aspects. Apart from work, we have Friday15 sessions being practiced which make all the Societals to take a break from the regular work and tackle a challenge as a team in a creative way. Workation is something that we want to implement at LearnSocial. Now what does this mean?? It’s a vacation where you are working. Same hours, same responsibilities as in the office, but they’ll get to do it all from an exotic destination. Like these, we will be having many other things like Vacation Tax where employee has to get exotic food for everyone from office after vacation/trip which would increase the bonding levels in a more personal way. Similarly, State-of-the-company, Starter-kits, Ring the bell, Group Movie Nights, Company Huddles, Lunch and Learn etc.

That’s all for now. Like what we are doing? Like the way we work? Want to know more about how it happens? Keep watching this space as we execute and build a different company. And feel free to write to me on hr@learnsocial.com about anything you want to suggest us on. We will appreciate and implement your best ideas.

-Aditya GV, Human Capital

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