How eLearning Can Help Students Become Industry Ready

‘Industry ready’ is a term we often keep hearing, but what does this actually mean? It is essentially used to indicate that a student is able enough to handle workplace projects even from day one. Companies prefer industry ready candidates as this would save them the cost on training and adaptation, and they would be hiring a candidate who can work with full efficiency right from the word go and would not require any further schooling except for proprietary tools or software.

Formal education systems offer a comprehensive curriculum that instills a great amount of knowledge in students. However, due to the sheer complexity of being continually updated as well as conforming to the need of providing wholesome education, it cannot teach college students everything that is needed to succeed in the current job market. This is where eLearning plays a vital role – in bridging the gap between what is required by the industry and the skill set that a formal education system endows an individual with. eLearning can supplement and complement classroom learning by teaching the students about things that they would not usually come across in their regular curriculum. And these are the skills that employers look for in their new hires! From teaching new technologies to soft skills, eLearning can effectively and efficiently do it all.

The advantage in using eLearning is the ‘e’ part. Students can learn anything they want, from anywhere they are, a guiding principle that LearnSocial embodies. For an avid learner and knowledge seeker, this opens up avenues of opportunities and a bevy of skills they can lap up on. These courses not only satiate their learning thirst, but also equip them with much sought after industry skills that make them more employable.

There are many skillsets across domains such as IT, Business, Development, Soft skills etc. that a student can easily acquire via the eLearning medium, and leverage that in his/her career and profession. One can choose to follow a learning path where one course leads to another related skill or choose to learn what one’s heart desires to build a repository of skills that add substantial weight to one’s profile and resumé. So eLearning not only helps in learning and knowledge gathering, but also helps in cementing one’s position as a skilled and industry ready individual.

If you seek to learn and gain knowledge further than what the traditional books offer, eLearning is your handy new tool and LearnSocial is your new best friend that can help you learn all that you seek. Go on, check out www.learnsocial.com and see the world of difference it can bring to you to become truly industry ready.

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Online Live Instruction for Corporate Training

You have a bunch of new recruits coming in soon or have a group of employees that need to be reskilled for that shiny new project that is the hotcake of the company. You need people ready to bash on, so what do you do? Call on your trusted corporate trainer of course! While the trainees are munching on what is being taught, you are busy crunching the money numbers for the roundtable. “Quite an expense”, you tell yourself. Fret not, when it comes to higher performance and lower costs in corporate training, eLearning and online live instruction more so, is your superhero.

Though some traditionalists frown upon the idea of using eLearning for skill training, recent times have seen many companies utilize the potential of eLearning and laugh their way to success. With statistics indicating that nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies use eLearning tools regularly for their training purposes, it is clear that this fascination with eLearning is not just because it’s the new kid on the block. eLearning helps to substantially increase the return on investment (ROI) and also improves staff performance. Studies have shown that companies that use eLearning for their corporate training needs have reduced their training costs by as much as 35% and have seen a consistent improvement in the performance of all their employees.

eLearning is more consistent and also does not require additional resources to set up the meet and teach the skill needed. With live instructor led classes there is real time interaction as well as better retention of the learning due to the use of multimedia and expert instruction design that provides a rich learning experience. There is greater engagement as the interaction is more direct and a junior employee or fresher can comfortably speak and interact with more senior colleagues. The delivery is immediate and highly cost effective, with almost no expenditure on travel, cost of speakers, and facilities required. One can sign in right from his/her workstation, taking out the need to assemble in a huge group where a voice might be lost.

Another thing live training brings to the table is the fun element without which such a training is seen as drudgery on the senses lacks enthusiasm from the participants. Videos and games can be used to make the learning fun and at the same time ensure that the skill being taught is being lapped up properly. The takeaway from such an interactive class will definitely be higher than the regular training sessions. Live online training reduces the time for the training, coming down to almost 1/4th of what would otherwise be needed. The relevance of the content is better and is very convenient for anyone to be a part of it.

Did I mention that it also instills a knowledge thirst in the learners and they would be more enthused to sit in for the next training session or workshop? You will not only train them, but make them lifelong learners. Won’t that make them love you! 😀

Don’t you think it’s about time you embraced eLearning and online live training?

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The remarkable instructor community at LearnSocial

One of the major cornerstones of a successful E-learning marketplace is a strong instructor community. We pride ourselves on having industry immersed experts who bring to the table their immense knowledge and skill. LearnSocial works on the principle of providing its learners with the top class training they seek. We put our instructors through rigorous assessment to ensure only the well versed industry experts are available to satiate the learning requirements of each learner. Our primary aim is to give the learners a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the course so that they come out ready for the on-job challenges.

Our instructor community works with the goal of a collaborative relationship, where the instructors come with a passion and desire to give their learners a wonderful learning experience. Their primary motivation in teaching their courses is giving their learners the best possible resources to garner new and relevant skills. They aim to see their wards as industry ready workers and make them go getters who are smart and skilled. They definitely do not mind going above and beyond the regular teaching rigor to help the learners in any way they can. With all their know-how, they design the course in a manner which is most useful to the learners and ensure that there is enough practical teaching along with the drudge of theoretical concepts. They understand the needs of the learners and are open to feedback on points of improvement, if any.

They are from diverse academic and professional backgrounds and are knowledgeable in the applications of their skills. Each of our instructors has a different teaching methodology and style and brings a novelty with them. But what they all have in common is that their sessions are very interactive and engaging. They adapt as per the class requirements and ensure no one loses interest at any point. This translates to better understanding of the concepts, enabling the learners to complete the course successfully. Their proficiency enables them to maintain high standards of teaching practice.

Having worked in reputed MNCs, they have a practical approach and are efficient in teaching the core concepts. They are abundantly aware of the industry standards and requirements, and are well equipped to impart their know-how of the field in an engaging and efficient method. They have worked on several top notch real time projects and have seen how their technology actually works in the real world. In fact we have instructors who are highly sought after, as some of them have written and published books for renowned publishing houses and there are some who have pioneered the technology they are teaching. Some of them are corporate trainers who coach several professionals of various high profile companies.

While they teach, they also learn. They learn how to be flexible in their instruction, how to make sure the learners are getting what they seek, and how to make the entire experience beneficial. Their competence has given rise to many a success story where the learners swear by the instructor’s capability and knowledge.

Be a part of our revolution and log on to LearnSocial to reach out to us.

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The Changing Face of Learning

Education today has acquired a different meaning from what used to be, say, 20 years ago. Earlier, as per social standards, the only ‘respectable’ professions used to be engineering and medicine. Even the most prescient of people couldn’t have predicted a change of epic proportions that we’re currently experiencing.
What was once considered an ‘offbeat’ career choice has mostly become the norm today.More educational institutions are being set up by the government to cater to the people taking ‘the road less travelled’. Now, it’s considered normal for Mr. Sharma to send their son abroad to study filmmaking, and for Mr. Mehta to enroll his daughter in that coaching institute to prepare for CLAT examination so that his dreams of his daughter becoming a full time female version of Harvey Specter [ for people who don’t watch Suits, it means a lawyer :P] come true. Yes,people. India has finally come of age where people aren’t just daring to dream; they’re getting out and pursuing careers of their choice which is not any longer determined by societal perceptions and parental pressure, but by what individuals are innately driven to pursue.
But with changes come new challenges. There is a noticeable gap between formal education and workplace challenges. There is a chasm between what the industry demands and what the new entrant comes equipped with.
For example, engineering students gain ‘technical knowledge’, which is nothing but tome learning. For example, a mechanical engineering undergraduate is expected to know the inner workings of an internal combustion engine by memorizing the Otto cycle, but little does he know that the companies hiring him will expect him to design newer, efficient mechanisms which is possible only through the use of softwares like MATLAB, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and embedding softwares like AnSYS. Or, a Computer Science graduate will be expected by his company to possess knowledge of Javascript, PhP and HTML for web development, programming languages like C and C++ for coding and SAS,SAP,ERP and Hadoop for metadata analysis.
What could possibly come in handy for these young new entrants are innovative, interactive and affordable courses, which are designed keeping in mind industry-specific skills. And what could make this easily accessible is their availability online. This is where LearnSocial comes into the picture by providing a one-stop solution to every professional conundrum a person faces.
It’s time we had a marketplace catering to the learning needs across a spectrum of learners.

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Disruptive Innovation: The New Age Mantra for Creating and Ruling a Market

Disruptive innovation has been seen as both the hero and the villain of business marketplaces.  It is defined as an innovation or technology which not only disrupts the market place but also eventually replaces the current market leader. Now this is a motivator for ­startups and newer entrants but sounds a death knell for well established companies. This is in contrast to sustaining innovation in which the existing market contenders better themselves at each step and provide the product and performance that the customers seek.

I’d like to think both these approaches are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, like Batman and Joker. While one tries to be the hero the city deserves, the other disrupts the current order to bring in a new one. There are stark differences to how these technologies approach the market and conquer it. But well, it’s not all black and white.

Let’s see how this actually works and how a disruptive innovation progresses.

When a disruptive technology enters the market, it caters to a very small consumer base with niche requirements. There is a void for this small crowd and this is satiated by a disruptive innovation which brings them a new product that provides value additions and is not offered by anyone else. The product in itself creates a new market for something which was not known before. Now a market leader does not pay much attention on this section of the customers or the new technology as it is not feasible to follow and invest along these lines. They rather place a safe bet on the existing technology at hand as it is in trend and guarantees revenue for sustained operations.

Here the big and established companies are not evil; it’s just that they cannot divert resources to an area where the prospects seem feeble as the market for such a technology doesn’t exist yet. The age old business motto of serving customer needs is of the prime dominance here. But when the product being released starts being above the needs of the consumer, which usually happens when the market tries to adapt to the users, it causes a disparity which leads to them moving towards the disruptive technology which was hitherto seen as not desirable or profitable. This eventually displaces the existing technology and the newer technology takes over, becoming the primary one. So you see this is a cycle rather than a chain of events.

The E-learning industry is still in its nascent stage and is growing. The LearnSocial marketplace is a part of this disruptive technology movement in the education sector and is at the forefront of creating a new market for learning needs. What we do best is replicate the offline experience on the online platform. We present an interactive and dynamic method of teaching which enables our learners to get the most out of our courses. We ensure that the learners have all their knowledge needs met by creating a fluid, engaging learning environment that makes them feel at home, while at home! 😀

Step into the new age learning system. Log on and explore the vast world of E-learning, brought to you at your fingertips by LearnSocial.

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We don’t ‘try’ to stand out, we actually do: Sneak peek into the WOW experience

In the world of E-learning we were Davids among Goliaths, and therein lay our advantage. We are young and have unbridled enthusiasm to excel and this let us learn and keep besting ourselves every step of the way.  What’s remarkable is the speed with which we have matured, with a mighty grit, all in a span of 2 years. One of the major factors for this level of growth is our focus on being learner centric and delivering a sensational learning experience.

Like a nifty little AI machine, we learn new things every day and incorporate that into our working model- improving it, fine tuning it. Organizing and presenting our services into two components viz. Instructor led and self-paced, we have diversified and strengthened our hold. We have a dedicated course experience team that takes care of any hassles a learner faces. Our client satisfaction rates are high due to our ability to quickly resolve issues and ensure a fun and smooth learning experience.

Let’s take a look at the exceptional services we offer with each of our learning models.

With our self-paced courses, we try to bring in many new and different courses that are fun to learn and easy to understand as they can be taken as per the pace of the learner. You will have lifetime access to the course videos and can come back to check them out whenever you wish. We ensure high quality audio and video content. The amazing part about this is the courses are delivered by experienced trainers around the world who are specialists in their field. Each one has a different teaching methodology and style and a learner can gain so much from each course. We have detailed courses for every level of learner, from a novice student to a working professional.

Our instructor led online courses bring you the best of the instructors to teach the relevant and needed courses. We design and structure our courses as per market demand and bring you the most current courses. You will be in the hands of excellent instructors who are industry experts and can help you learn quite effectively. Trying to replicate the classroom environment online, our courses are interactive and engaging and so are our instructors.

We are always there to assist in any way we can. We go by the adage “Keep it simple, stupid” (the KISS principle). The enrolling process is simple, so is taking the classes and completing them. We lay out a transparent and easy to follow flow of operations. This ensures that our learners are always satisfied- our splendid reviews are a testimony to this. Well this is the advantage you get for being a part of our learner community.

The user experience and engagement at LearnSocial is the best and we pride ourselves on that, as our ultimate goal is to have learners receive the best everything for their learning needs. Don’t take my word for it, log on to LearnSocial and check it out for yourself!

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DigiMarketing: The Future is Now….


With practically everything going digital, from the way we work to the way we communicate among ourselves, it is inevitable that marketing should follow the digital path. From email flyers from e-commerce sites bombarding us about exciting offers and discounts, popup ads strategically placed on social networking sites to catch our attention, to mobile applications exposing us to a variety of ads, digital marketing, or DigiMarketing as it is known nowadays, is everywhere around us. While conventional marketing methods are still relevant, more and more companies are adopting digital marketing techniques on a growing scale to acquire new consumers as well as manage their existing consumers. Whether its content-based marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or mobile marketing, consumers are being subjected to multiple integrated digital marketing channels every day. This in turn has a significant impact on their buying behavior patterns, something which is crucial for companies to track, understand and ultimately convert into profitable business.

DigiMarketing is making its presence felt on a rapid scale, and here are some latest stats for the same:

  • Around 93% of shopper’s buying decisions are influenced by social media
  • Approximately 70% of businesses are acquiring their consumers through social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Video sharing on YouTube is going to exceed 100 hours of content per minute
  • According to estimates, nearly 67% of global data will be video by 2017
  • Mobile ad spending is expected to cross $1.1 Billion by year-end
  • Location-targeting marketing campaigns are expected to reach an ad spend of $5.8 Billion by 2016
  • Businesses that blog are grabbing up to 70% more leads than those who don’t

What do all these stats mean? They simply indicate one thing: DigiMarketing is here to stay. And with a plethora of digital media impacting our daily lives, there is a need to understand how DigiMarketing really works and how we can use it to get ahead in the global market, both as individuals and as business entities.

Feeling DigiMarketed yet? Stay tuned for more from LearnSocial….

-Aakanksha Khanna, Partnership Associate


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Startup or Giant? Experience the Best of Both @LearnSocial

There has been abundant discussion on the startup versus giant debate. While working in a successful and established company gives you widespread exposure to the corporate world and adds brand value to your resume, working in a startup offers a chance to experience cross-functional work, inculcating a deeper sense of ownership in you as an employee. There is a gradual learning curve for a large company’s employees, unlike their startup counterparts whose learning curves are in sync with the organization’s growth from Day 1 itself. Although the level of responsibility and commitment required from startup employees might be relatively higher than their giant equivalents, there is also much lesser resources that startups have access to that can help their employees achieve their goals. However, at LearnSocial, an e-learning startup, I can safely assure you that all these characteristics can be found within the company.

Working in LearnSocial, I have discovered the unique ideology of this organization: we work like a startup, but think like a giant! All LS employees have access to world-class technologies and resources to help deliver their goals; as Societals, we have the liberty to work whichever way we want, as long as the work is done in the time it should be. If there’s any assistance that we require, ranging from office equipment or online resource access to a coffee machine for the cafeteria, a quick notification to the concerned department is all it takes. The organization follows a flat structure where everyone is accessible at any time, even the CEO. The culture at LS is open – the interns enjoy a light conversation with the Product Head over lunch, and the CEO interacts with all employees on a daily basis. Although office timings are fixed, we really don’t mind working late in our cozy office. One might think that leaving late from office many days a week means that our social lives are getting impacted, but at LS, we follow a simple quote: “The startups that do well are the ones that are working all the time.” We are given cross-functional assignments to help us get exposed to the diverse departments of the company and get a hang of how processes work. While working on a task like identifying the market opportunities for a particular online course might seem miniscule in comparison to analyzing the quarterly results for a big company, the pride and satisfaction that we Societals achieve when we see our small tasks combining and amalgamating into LearnSocial’s vision is nothing short of tremendous. At LearnSocial, we get new opportunities every day to experience the best of both worlds and in turn deliver our best to the company.

There is no denying the fact that working for either a giant or a startup will have its share of pros and cons, but in my opinion, it’s better to be a big asset for a small company than a small asset for a big company.


-Aakanksha Khanna, Community Developer


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@LearnSocial, ‘It’s all about exploring something new each day’

Joining LearnSocial is not just ‘real work experience’; it’s way more than that. My expedition at LearnSocial started three months back when I befitted myself in this dynamic, fun-loving and amazing family.

Before diving into my experiences at LearnSocial, I would like to introduce myself.
Hi Readers! I am Nirbhay Taneja, working as a Community Developer @ LearnSocial.

My first day at LearnSocial started with introductions and ice breaking sessions where our HR walked us through different departments of the organization. Everyone, I literally means every person, was incredibly welcoming and encouraging as they had smile on their face when I shook hands with them. By the end of first week, I had a crystal clear view in my mind about my roles and responsibilities. Thanks to Raju (Founder of LearnSocial). By the next week, I kick started my work and everyday seemed to be more and more exciting as I started learning new skills.

The best part @LearnSocial is that I naturally have a smile on my face while entering and leaving my office. There is no lethargic feeling, dullness or monotonousness in my day to day work. Vibes of dynamism and creativity that surrounds our office helps every employee to be more productive and effective in their work. One another amazing fact is that no one @LearnSocial is restricted to wear formal suits and business dresses. We’re allowed to wear anything we want and switch our workstation too if we feel bored sitting at the same place. At our office, we have ‘Open Door Policy’; where an employee can reach out anyone without any prior permission. The open culture at our organization embraces all kinds of employees, irrespective of their background.

LearnSocial is an objective driven company and there is a diverse pool of talent here where fresh ideas, new perspectives, views, opinions and suggestions broach the table. LearnSocial lives by the policy of relationship building with its stakeholders to maintain mutual trust and confidence amongst each other. To foster competitiveness and productivity in each employee, we have weekly review meetings. My company’s philosophy/core values are embodied in such a fashion that it covers every aspect of the organization.

CORE VALUES @LearnSocial

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Do More with Less
  • Continuous Learning & Growth
  • Deliver “Wow” kind of Experience

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying, “I am proud to be part of LearnSocial family which has been a value addition to me in each and every aspect of my professional life. It has helped me develop my skills and has given me a chance to put my academic knowledge into practice”.

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