COMMUNICATION SKILLS – the what and why?


Do we know how to talk? Yes, if we speak and people understand us, that means we do know how to talk.
Well in that case, what are communication skills? If it is simply the art of talking in a way that people understand, what is there to learn in this art? Or why is it good or bad?


Several people have similar questions regarding communication skills. But it is important to understand that communicating effectively involves not only speech, accent and grammar, but also the right usage of tone, mannerisms, body language, rhetoric and many more. I do not use these terms to scare the learner. But these are terms that one should be aware of. This is where language trainers and soft skills trainers come in- to help the learner use the appropriate language for each situation and in an effective manner.

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What hampers learners from learning the correct language use, when some of their own peers do it better. Well, things like mother tongue and linguistic influence, and cultural diversity make a difference. There are a few linguistic factors that may actually help a teacher guide the the learner. But these factors are vital deciders in the language learning process.
So communication skills are a set of skills required by individuals for effective and impactful communication, irrespective of their profession, area of work , job profile etc. and yet prove to be a very decisive factor in ones’ career growth.

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Dr Sunita Agrawal has over 15 years experience in teaching English to students with different backgrounds and requirements. She also conducts soft-skills workshops in corporate companies and mentors students appearing for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and SAT examinations.


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