DigiMarketing: The Future is Now….


With practically everything going digital, from the way we work to the way we communicate among ourselves, it is inevitable that marketing should follow the digital path. From email flyers from e-commerce sites bombarding us about exciting offers and discounts, popup ads strategically placed on social networking sites to catch our attention, to mobile applications exposing us to a variety of ads, digital marketing, or DigiMarketing as it is known nowadays, is everywhere around us. While conventional marketing methods are still relevant, more and more companies are adopting digital marketing techniques on a growing scale to acquire new consumers as well as manage their existing consumers. Whether its content-based marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or mobile marketing, consumers are being subjected to multiple integrated digital marketing channels every day. This in turn has a significant impact on their buying behavior patterns, something which is crucial for companies to track, understand and ultimately convert into profitable business.

DigiMarketing is making its presence felt on a rapid scale, and here are some latest stats for the same:

  • Around 93% of shopper’s buying decisions are influenced by social media
  • Approximately 70% of businesses are acquiring their consumers through social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Video sharing on YouTube is going to exceed 100 hours of content per minute
  • According to estimates, nearly 67% of global data will be video by 2017
  • Mobile ad spending is expected to cross $1.1 Billion by year-end
  • Location-targeting marketing campaigns are expected to reach an ad spend of $5.8 Billion by 2016
  • Businesses that blog are grabbing up to 70% more leads than those who don’t

What do all these stats mean? They simply indicate one thing: DigiMarketing is here to stay. And with a plethora of digital media impacting our daily lives, there is a need to understand how DigiMarketing really works and how we can use it to get ahead in the global market, both as individuals and as business entities.

Feeling DigiMarketed yet? Stay tuned for more from LearnSocial….

-Aakanksha Khanna, Partnership Associate


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