Emails- Boon or Bane

Helloooo to all my readers there!! Nice to see you with me again! Today I thought of selecting the topic of Emails. We all have heard of ‘Death by Presentation’. But how many of you feel that you can even die with an email? I am sure many of you who have been working since years will agree with me. One can be successfully killed by a bad email. And I am head bend to prove my point today.

When I first started my career, I used to feel that sitting in an AC office and sending emails from your laptop or PC is a cool idea. What pressure do we have? But I was completely novice of the fact that I can get stinkers from clients and managers and get mis-communicated emails which can make me go mad (in the real sense of the term). Lol.. I am sure some of you might have started laughing by now thinking of the instances you have come across. After becoming the scape goat for so many times, I started looking into things more closely and then came up with some few points that make us commit these mistakes.

Firstly, we do not understand what to write in an email because we do not think from the receiver’s /reader’s perspective. Let me show you an instance here.


What will you understand by this? Yes, this is the MOST informal mail that I have ever got. What is that ‘Hello Everybody_Edited’ document? I wonder how someone can name a document that way.

The subject line is the mirror of the email that we send. Imagine, when you have100 mails flooding in your inbox daily, will you actually take the pain of reading this mail which says ‘Hello Everybody’?

Also, the body of the mail is missing.

Secondly, we like to write essays rather than something that is easily readable. That’s in our DNA and takes years to understand what is going wrong.

Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:07 AM

Good day. Am disgusted when i read your mail.You are talking about what you knew nothing about and your write up show how pride you are if not,i can’t imagine you are telling me to call you.
How ever,if your registration go beyond today,am sorry that will be the end of your visa processing.I will notify your company in U.S now your action and they should not blame me for any reasons.Awaiting your reply.

A Dempsey


This is a mail that has been sent from a correspondent of US embassy.

Why is that subject line shouting at me?????

Check on the number of grammatical errors. Can someone tell me what does that third sentence mean?

Thirdly, apology emails are a curse to your inbox for sure. When you send an apology email, you don’t have to beg for sorry. It can be short and simple.

I once received a mail asking for the sales report that someone was supposed to send some days back. It was actually a stinker. I replied stating that it was a mistake made as I was not the one who is supposed to send it. This is the reply to that mail which successfully got tears in my eyes…….


Sample 3

After reading this mail, I wished I could have changed my name permanently. This is the most pathetic one I could have ever got.

If you dissect the email it will look like this.

‘SORRY for the Communication’- the better would have been ‘Apologies for the mis-communication’. ‘MADAM’ should not be shouting at me. Using capital letters for no reasons is a worst thing that one can do. What we can interpret from this is that he wanted to emphasize on it, thinking it will add more respect to the word. Instead, using the right vocab adds value to it and not that capital letter. He made me understand that he was in mere frustration as his supervisor wanted the report and the TAT (Turn Around Time) was over.

I still do not know what he meant by-“ I am lost now. I got the Anindita I want”. Was I so wanted? Lol.

“I will never do this to anyone”- do I infer that you will never mail anyone?

“Hope you accept my sorry and give me sorry.” – Where is my ‘Sorry’? I couldn’t find one:)

If this guy works in an MNC- I wonder who might had been the recruiter!!!

Last but not the least; we need to remember that we are all human beings. Therefore, when we send an email, there has to be a humanly touch. Sending business emails does not mean that it was written by a robot or it HAS TO BE BORING. It just means that we need to be professional with the choice of language. In any written communication the tone of the writing plays the pivotal role.


Hello John,

Thank you for showing your interest for ‘XYZ’ @ABC.

As requested, we have made some changes to the batch timings to meet the needs of the professionals. Hence the new timings are as follows:

Start Date                            :           26th Jun (Thursday)

Sessions on every            :           Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Time                                      :           05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Batch Duration                  :           3 Weeks, 10 Sessions

Fee                                        :           Rs. 100 /- only


I understand that you are looking for a better offer in terms of the course fee. Therefore we can offer you a waiver of 10% on the total fee.

This means that the amount that you need to register for is 90 INR. This is the best that we can offer.

Kindly reply for any further queries in this.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Don’t think that I have gone mad and have mentioned 90INR. I have purposely removed it as it was official. ”Looking forward to hear from you”- Was a deliberate statement to make him feel that there is a human hand behind the mail.

If this is the kind of correspondence sent for all kind of emails, then I am sure that we will consider emails as BOON and not BANE.

Happy emailing!!

If you think you need help, contact us for learning ‘Business English’.


Anindita, Language Specialist



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