Hey! Can You Talk In English?

Hello all!! Today we will discuss about speaking English.  I have been a mentor in English for quite some years now; therefore I will start with my experience sharing here. Last year I was doing a recruitment drive for the company I was working with; and I were to co-ordinate with the other departments in the selection process of their candidates. After sitting there for about 1hr or so, I felt like taking a tea break for some time. I was walking through the corridor where all the candidates were sitting and happened to overhear the conversation of one of them….

A girl, well decked up, was sitting a little aloof from the rest of the team at the waiting zone. I initially thought that she might be feeling uncomfortable as majority of them were male candidates. I went and sat in a chair right behind her. After about a minute or so another girl came in and she sat just next to the previous girl. It is definitely obvious that two ladies sitting next to each other is definitely going to start a chat; and that is exactly what I wanted to happen, to remove by boredom. The later introduced herself to the former in a nice a cordial manner. But the reply that she got from her was in a local language which this girl didn’t understand. So she said; ”I beg your pardon please? I didn’t understand what you said”. She tried explaining something but in vain. Losing her cool she just asked “Hey! Can you talk in English?” Now, the former girl was all the more embarrassed and said in a low tone that she can’t. I was not shocked at this at all. I have seen these situations for a number of times as I know the difference between first and second language. I do not blame the individuals for this; I rather blame their families who make them lame.

We are in the21st Century using variety of gadgets every day. We want to stay connected with the world all the time. But the families that we belong to cannot foresee what we need actually. They feel that giving my kids all the worldly pleasures will prove them to be a good guardian. They cannot understand that the growing rate of jobs, where their kids has to fit in some day, needs to know 2 languages to get through; of which one has to be necessarily English. We can’t accuse them as well, because the generation of the millennial is the one who is a part of this rat race. If you know Java, people expect you to know BigData and Hadoop to sync with the client requirements.

Then where do we go?

I question the intelligence of my readers here. I believe one is the best critic of oneself. So, if you know that you can’t talk in English, what measure have you taken to be one of the players in the market? You knew nothing before coming to this world. You have learnt it over a period of time with the help of a teacher or guru. Then why not for English? To learn any language you have to start speaking it first and to do that you need to start somewhere. There is a famous saying- ’The destination is not important. The journey is!’ I would say the same… You need to start with me or with someone who knows better than you about the language.

Now, it is in our blood that we love to procrastinate. We think that there is enough time for everything. But let me tell you friends, that is not the case. It comes with years of practice. Hence, it is very important to begin TODAY and then keep using it in daily lives to get into the habit of using it. Learning English is a necessity and there is no way you can ignore it. I think by now I have done the job of an eye-opener for you!


If you think I can be your mentor and guide you through for the next few months, feel glad to join LearnSocial ‘Spoken English’ classes; where I will teach you the ABC of grammar and will help you overcome your shyness to talk in English. I would also help you increase your vocabulary and make you practice in every session individually.

Join me in my classes and feel the change.

-Anindita Mishra

Language Specialist.


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Hi All.. This is Anindita. Popularly known as Annie. I am a Bong by birth and is now settled in Hyderabad. My role at LearnSocial is Language Specialist.. Hey! don't get deceived by that word.... huh! I mean I am an English Language specialist..Lol..:) To know more about me you need to reach out to me in person.... Thanks for reading this small intro of mine :) :) :)