How eLearning Can Help Students Become Industry Ready

‘Industry ready’ is a term we often keep hearing, but what does this actually mean? It is essentially used to indicate that a student is able enough to handle workplace projects even from day one. Companies prefer industry ready candidates as this would save them the cost on training and adaptation, and they would be hiring a candidate who can work with full efficiency right from the word go and would not require any further schooling except for proprietary tools or software.

Formal education systems offer a comprehensive curriculum that instills a great amount of knowledge in students. However, due to the sheer complexity of being continually updated as well as conforming to the need of providing wholesome education, it cannot teach college students everything that is needed to succeed in the current job market. This is where eLearning plays a vital role – in bridging the gap between what is required by the industry and the skill set that a formal education system endows an individual with. eLearning can supplement and complement classroom learning by teaching the students about things that they would not usually come across in their regular curriculum. And these are the skills that employers look for in their new hires! From teaching new technologies to soft skills, eLearning can effectively and efficiently do it all.

The advantage in using eLearning is the ‘e’ part. Students can learn anything they want, from anywhere they are, a guiding principle that LearnSocial embodies. For an avid learner and knowledge seeker, this opens up avenues of opportunities and a bevy of skills they can lap up on. These courses not only satiate their learning thirst, but also equip them with much sought after industry skills that make them more employable.

There are many skillsets across domains such as IT, Business, Development, Soft skills etc. that a student can easily acquire via the eLearning medium, and leverage that in his/her career and profession. One can choose to follow a learning path where one course leads to another related skill or choose to learn what one’s heart desires to build a repository of skills that add substantial weight to one’s profile and resumé. So eLearning not only helps in learning and knowledge gathering, but also helps in cementing one’s position as a skilled and industry ready individual.

If you seek to learn and gain knowledge further than what the traditional books offer, eLearning is your handy new tool and LearnSocial is your new best friend that can help you learn all that you seek. Go on, check out www.learnsocial.com and see the world of difference it can bring to you to become truly industry ready.

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