Online Live Instruction for Corporate Training

You have a bunch of new recruits coming in soon or have a group of employees that need to be reskilled for that shiny new project that is the hotcake of the company. You need people ready to bash on, so what do you do? Call on your trusted corporate trainer of course! While the trainees are munching on what is being taught, you are busy crunching the money numbers for the roundtable. “Quite an expense”, you tell yourself. Fret not, when it comes to higher performance and lower costs in corporate training, eLearning and online live instruction more so, is your superhero.

Though some traditionalists frown upon the idea of using eLearning for skill training, recent times have seen many companies utilize the potential of eLearning and laugh their way to success. With statistics indicating that nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies use eLearning tools regularly for their training purposes, it is clear that this fascination with eLearning is not just because it’s the new kid on the block. eLearning helps to substantially increase the return on investment (ROI) and also improves staff performance. Studies have shown that companies that use eLearning for their corporate training needs have reduced their training costs by as much as 35% and have seen a consistent improvement in the performance of all their employees.

eLearning is more consistent and also does not require additional resources to set up the meet and teach the skill needed. With live instructor led classes there is real time interaction as well as better retention of the learning due to the use of multimedia and expert instruction design that provides a rich learning experience. There is greater engagement as the interaction is more direct and a junior employee or fresher can comfortably speak and interact with more senior colleagues. The delivery is immediate and highly cost effective, with almost no expenditure on travel, cost of speakers, and facilities required. One can sign in right from his/her workstation, taking out the need to assemble in a huge group where a voice might be lost.

Another thing live training brings to the table is the fun element without which such a training is seen as drudgery on the senses lacks enthusiasm from the participants. Videos and games can be used to make the learning fun and at the same time ensure that the skill being taught is being lapped up properly. The takeaway from such an interactive class will definitely be higher than the regular training sessions. Live online training reduces the time for the training, coming down to almost 1/4th of what would otherwise be needed. The relevance of the content is better and is very convenient for anyone to be a part of it.

Did I mention that it also instills a knowledge thirst in the learners and they would be more enthused to sit in for the next training session or workshop? You will not only train them, but make them lifelong learners. Won’t that make them love you! 😀

Don’t you think it’s about time you embraced eLearning and online live training?

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  • priyanka

    Very nice as well informative totally agree with what you say today organizations are considering employee training as a crucial and essential component of their development and are spending huge budgets on training every year which is likely to increase in coming years.Few weeks back i have a read an ebook on RLOs – A New Approach to Increase Learning Effectiveness and Optimizing Cost Hope you enjoy going through the resource.Happy Learning!!!