Photoshop: The Graphics Editing Overlord

Who amongst us hasn’t heard of Photoshop? It has almost become synonymous with graphic image editing, for both recreational and professional purposes.  Ever since its introduction, it has been widely popular for its editing capabilities and has now become the industry standard for raster graphics editing.

It finds unparalleled use among photographers, graphics & video designers, and web designers. Photographers use it for embellish their images, graphic designers to create stunning images and infographics, and web designers for the design layout of a website/webpage. With Photoshop, one can easily retouch, composite (or splice), and color balance an image in the course of graphic design, commercial publishing, image editing, and even video editing. It has some cool tools and plugins that allow a user to manipulate images anyway they want.

The tools are generally categorized as draw, paint, measure and navigate, select, type, and retouch. Some of the interesting image tools include pen, shape, marquee, cropping, slicing, lasso, 3D extrusion and printing, mobile integration, Camera Raw, color replacement among others. With Photoshop one can pretty much play with the images as and how desired and required. Text can be added, images can be overlayed, color and other such settings can be changed, images can be merged, images and can be created from scratch using multiple other images, with possibilities that are endless.  Over the years, it has undergone changes and evolved with various new versions exceling at each step.

Photoshop has had quite a cultural impact, becoming a verb over time when people talk about editing images. These days, most of the magazines, newspapers, books and other publishing material go under the knife of Photoshop before they are released. Right from the images in the material to the design, layout and cover page, Photoshop is used for all. This allows for enhanced imagery and depiction that grabs attention as intended. There are many blogs and websites associated with Photoshop tips & tricks, Photoshop mistakes and errors, and some even run funny Photoshopped images that are meant for entertainment purposes such as memes etc. Photoshop as a software tool has become integrated into the online culture and one cannot imagine a world without it!

With online, digital, and image content and its demand growing every single day, one thing for sure is that Photoshop is here to stay. If you want to learn this amazing tool, log on to our website for a course that takes you through Photoshop and also how it can be used in web designing.

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