Progression in the Apple iOS Market

Finally, it’s a euphoric moment for iOS Developers and young graduates who are seeking for job opportunities in iOS Application Market as new iOS is getting BIGGER, BETTER and more FEATURE-RICH. Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS8 has come up with a lot of improvised features whereby the OS has become really user-friendly. In contrary to a dramatic redesign, the new mobile operating system will tie everything together with all-encompassing theme of “convergence”. It will feature tighter Mac integration while loosening the restrictions on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. New software kits are also bringing once fragmented security and health gadgets together. The introduction of new programming language, SWIFT, has been a real game changer as it requires the app developers to gain knowledge for new code dynamics. In addition to this, there are certain features that will be value addition to users of Apple’s devices. Let’s take a look…

Upgraded Keyboard

Apple’s new keyboard feature, QuickType, will make typing faster as it’s a predictive typing feature that attempts to guess our next word. It offers word predictions depending on whom we are chatting with at the receiver’s end (casual & formal). In addition to this, the new keyboard will have answers to any question readily available if someone asks us anything.

Top-Notch Security

iOS 8 has come up with new security features that will enhance “iOS Devices” protection levels. One is that location trackers won’t be able to duplicate data from anything running iOS 8. It means that when iOS 8 is looking for a Wi-Fi connection, it will randomize your MAC address (otherwise known as MAC spoofing), and effectively disguise any trace of the real device until it chooses to connect to a network. Other is cracking down on spammers and advertising in the App Store as some developers are receiving rejection notices from Apple’s app review team because their software is excessively asking users to share its app on Facebook to receive in-game bonuses.

Better Search Options

Spotlight has been blessed with new features to fix all of your search problems under one roof. Now, you’ll be able to find your apps, search web from difference sources. In addition to this, you’ll be able to search for locations and view them in Maps.

Interactive Notifications

iOS 8 brings Interactive Notifications, giving users the ability to respond to a notification without launching the app it comes from, just by pulling down on the alert. On the lock screen, swiping notifications will bring up a pair of Accept/Decline buttons.

Health App

Apple has announced its foray into the fitness tracking space with a new Health app and a service called HealthKit.This application will serve as a central place for users to track and organize all of their health-related data. With it comes a new Medical ID that could help first responders make life saving decisions in the event of a medical emergency.


In iOS 8, Apple has a new feature in Safari that allows users to scan a credit card with the device’s camera rather than manually entering the number when making a purchase online.

Continuity Feature

Apple has introduced this new feature, Continuity, which integrates all kinds of apple devices and work like one. For instance, you were writing an email on your iPad but suddenly you had to leave it out to use your iPhone for some reason, then you can finish off your email from your iPhone from the point where you left in iPad.

There might be other changes too that we’ll be seeing soon in iOS8. Lets wait and watch!!

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