Ruby on Rails: The Web Application Framework for Startups

Ruby on Rails (RoR), commonly called as simply Rails, is a web application framework that has seen a staggering growth and acceptance since initial release. Developers love working with Ruby on Rails as it offers an easier way of working on web applications and takes the rigmarole and tediousness out of the work. That’s what every developer worth their salt ever dreams about! 😀

Now why startups use and prefer Rails is that a small team can get a minimum viable product into beta very quickly using tools that are fun to work with. Embracing constraints and the conventions (naming, pluralization, project structure) really do enable new talent to join a project and get up to speed quickly. The Ruby programming language offers a clean, elegant, and easy to read output which is one of the foremost intentions and needs of a company in the startup stage. Being open-source, RoR is dynamic and flexible, giving the developers something fun to work with, ‘fun for developers’ being the focus of many a startup. Happy coders equals better product. It is as simple as that!

Ruby on Rails comes with features that are extremely alluring for startups. With Ruby on Rails, the time taken for the development stage is lowered by 1.5 to 2 times than it would take using any other framework or programming language. In the business world, time is money. You save time, you save money. Talking of money, Ruby on Rails is free! Free to download, free to use, runs on a free operating system and works with mostly free databases and web servers. Now that is music to the ears for any bootstrapped startup founder!

It enables rapid development within budget, has a strong ecosystem and high compatibility, and has rightly so become the symbol of startup culture. Simply put, the major reasons that make it popular among startups are its:

  • Intelligent defaults
  • Ability for super-fast deployment
  • RubyGems, the standard Ruby package manager
  • The ever active and growing community
  • Creates a synergy for building better web applications faster

If these aren’t reasons enough, Ruby on Rails is also used by top tech companies such as Twitter, CrunchBase, Airbnb, GitHub, Kickstarter, SoundCloud, Fiverr, Bloomberg and many more. If you want to be a part of this frenzy and framework revolution, head to our Ruby on Rails live online course and get busy learning the framework of the startups!


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