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Why English Matters

English is very well the best thing that came out of the British Colonial invasion and settlement. It unified the world and gave a common voice and language to everyone. It is considered one of the most expressive and eloquent languages for communicating. Some of the world’s best literature, speeches and art has been written in and translated in English so that their beauty reaches one and all. It is truly a language of the masses with about 340 million native speakers and another 510 million who speak it as a second language. It is the second most spoken language of the world and one of the few language which has more people speaking it as a second/foreign language than native speakers!

In a multilingual and multinational setup of the current commerce and business, English is a link language, giving the ability to people of different linguistic backgrounds to interact and exchange ideas and thoughts. In countries where there are more than two languages spoken by the population, it provides a common platform for communication and expression. In an age where the world is a global village, where thoughts and ideas need to be excghanged on a continual basis for effective work flow, English provides the equal and communal footing needed for a smooth process advancement. It removes the linguistic barriers created by cultural, social and national boundaries.

Currently, many of the top films, books, music, journals, news reporting and any content in general is generated using English as the language medium. Being versed in English allows a person to explore the multitude of content present on the internet, and everywhere else too. Most cross border business communication happens in English, and it is also the official language of numerous international organizations such as UNO, WHO, UNESCO, NATO, EU among others. This sure does establishes its position as the most important language of the world.

It might seem like an uphill task to learn English, but it is most definitely worth the time and effort expended to accrue English proficiency. It opens up avenues of opportunities in education, business, commerce, trade etc., giving a definite advantage to people with great command over the English language.

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One-on-One Training for Efficient Learning


Our education system revolves around the classroom setup and that is how all the formal learning has been imparted till date. But many educators and pedagogists have suggested that this might not be the most optimal model to follow. While classroom offers the advantage of interacting with fellow students and enables peer based learning, it reduces the face time a student gets with a teacher. And to alleviate this challenge, One-on-One learning model steps in like a much needed respite.

One-on-One learning and training provides a more personal and hands on approach to learning new things, be it the arts, languages or science. This is even more applicable in the online learning/eLearning mode as this brings the advantage to personal training with the comfort of taking the class from anywhere. The best of both worlds! One on One online classes are mostly customizable courses which are uniquely designed for each learner. It provides a sole learner with an expert instructor dedicated to him/her, wherein the focus will be on giving individual attention, say like being tutored at home. This model provides students with a list of trainers/instructors to choose from, based on the different criteria of tariff, experience, proficiency, timings etc. A learner can choose to study from whomever they want and for however long they want to. This provides a flexibility and ease of learning to anyone who wants to learn just about anything as per their convenience.

Most one-on-one online training classes charge on a pay-per-hour model i.e. a learner pays only as much as he/she needs to learn, without it being too heavy on the pocket. The biggest advantage of this learning model is the freedom to frame a custom study plan and learning goals, which are specific to each learner. This way, each learner can rest assured that the class will go exactly as per his/her pace and learning needs. On-demand learning at its best! Also, who wouldn’t want to have unlimited options when it comes to learning anything of their choice.

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