Startup or Giant? Experience the Best of Both @LearnSocial

There has been abundant discussion on the startup versus giant debate. While working in a successful and established company gives you widespread exposure to the corporate world and adds brand value to your resume, working in a startup offers a chance to experience cross-functional work, inculcating a deeper sense of ownership in you as an employee. There is a gradual learning curve for a large company’s employees, unlike their startup counterparts whose learning curves are in sync with the organization’s growth from Day 1 itself. Although the level of responsibility and commitment required from startup employees might be relatively higher than their giant equivalents, there is also much lesser resources that startups have access to that can help their employees achieve their goals. However, at LearnSocial, an e-learning startup, I can safely assure you that all these characteristics can be found within the company.

Working in LearnSocial, I have discovered the unique ideology of this organization: we work like a startup, but think like a giant! All LS employees have access to world-class technologies and resources to help deliver their goals; as Societals, we have the liberty to work whichever way we want, as long as the work is done in the time it should be. If there’s any assistance that we require, ranging from office equipment or online resource access to a coffee machine for the cafeteria, a quick notification to the concerned department is all it takes. The organization follows a flat structure where everyone is accessible at any time, even the CEO. The culture at LS is open – the interns enjoy a light conversation with the Product Head over lunch, and the CEO interacts with all employees on a daily basis. Although office timings are fixed, we really don’t mind working late in our cozy office. One might think that leaving late from office many days a week means that our social lives are getting impacted, but at LS, we follow a simple quote: “The startups that do well are the ones that are working all the time.” We are given cross-functional assignments to help us get exposed to the diverse departments of the company and get a hang of how processes work. While working on a task like identifying the market opportunities for a particular online course might seem miniscule in comparison to analyzing the quarterly results for a big company, the pride and satisfaction that we Societals achieve when we see our small tasks combining and amalgamating into LearnSocial’s vision is nothing short of tremendous. At LearnSocial, we get new opportunities every day to experience the best of both worlds and in turn deliver our best to the company.

There is no denying the fact that working for either a giant or a startup will have its share of pros and cons, but in my opinion, it’s better to be a big asset for a small company than a small asset for a big company.


-Aakanksha Khanna, Community Developer


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