The Changing Face of Learning

Education today has acquired a different meaning from what used to be, say, 20 years ago. Earlier, as per social standards, the only ‘respectable’ professions used to be engineering and medicine. Even the most prescient of people couldn’t have predicted a change of epic proportions that we’re currently experiencing.
What was once considered an ‘offbeat’ career choice has mostly become the norm today.More educational institutions are being set up by the government to cater to the people taking ‘the road less travelled’. Now, it’s considered normal for Mr. Sharma to send their son abroad to study filmmaking, and for Mr. Mehta to enroll his daughter in that coaching institute to prepare for CLAT examination so that his dreams of his daughter becoming a full time female version of Harvey Specter [ for people who don’t watch Suits, it means a lawyer :P] come true. Yes,people. India has finally come of age where people aren’t just daring to dream; they’re getting out and pursuing careers of their choice which is not any longer determined by societal perceptions and parental pressure, but by what individuals are innately driven to pursue.
But with changes come new challenges. There is a noticeable gap between formal education and workplace challenges. There is a chasm between what the industry demands and what the new entrant comes equipped with.
For example, engineering students gain ‘technical knowledge’, which is nothing but tome learning. For example, a mechanical engineering undergraduate is expected to know the inner workings of an internal combustion engine by memorizing the Otto cycle, but little does he know that the companies hiring him will expect him to design newer, efficient mechanisms which is possible only through the use of softwares like MATLAB, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and embedding softwares like AnSYS. Or, a Computer Science graduate will be expected by his company to possess knowledge of Javascript, PhP and HTML for web development, programming languages like C and C++ for coding and SAS,SAP,ERP and Hadoop for metadata analysis.
What could possibly come in handy for these young new entrants are innovative, interactive and affordable courses, which are designed keeping in mind industry-specific skills. And what could make this easily accessible is their availability online. This is where LearnSocial comes into the picture by providing a one-stop solution to every professional conundrum a person faces.
It’s time we had a marketplace catering to the learning needs across a spectrum of learners.

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