We don’t ‘try’ to stand out, we actually do: Sneak peek into the WOW experience

In the world of E-learning we were Davids among Goliaths, and therein lay our advantage. We are young and have unbridled enthusiasm to excel and this let us learn and keep besting ourselves every step of the way.  What’s remarkable is the speed with which we have matured, with a mighty grit, all in a span of 2 years. One of the major factors for this level of growth is our focus on being learner centric and delivering a sensational learning experience.

Like a nifty little AI machine, we learn new things every day and incorporate that into our working model- improving it, fine tuning it. Organizing and presenting our services into two components viz. Instructor led and self-paced, we have diversified and strengthened our hold. We have a dedicated course experience team that takes care of any hassles a learner faces. Our client satisfaction rates are high due to our ability to quickly resolve issues and ensure a fun and smooth learning experience.

Let’s take a look at the exceptional services we offer with each of our learning models.

With our self-paced courses, we try to bring in many new and different courses that are fun to learn and easy to understand as they can be taken as per the pace of the learner. You will have lifetime access to the course videos and can come back to check them out whenever you wish. We ensure high quality audio and video content. The amazing part about this is the courses are delivered by experienced trainers around the world who are specialists in their field. Each one has a different teaching methodology and style and a learner can gain so much from each course. We have detailed courses for every level of learner, from a novice student to a working professional.

Our instructor led online courses bring you the best of the instructors to teach the relevant and needed courses. We design and structure our courses as per market demand and bring you the most current courses. You will be in the hands of excellent instructors who are industry experts and can help you learn quite effectively. Trying to replicate the classroom environment online, our courses are interactive and engaging and so are our instructors.

We are always there to assist in any way we can. We go by the adage “Keep it simple, stupid” (the KISS principle). The enrolling process is simple, so is taking the classes and completing them. We lay out a transparent and easy to follow flow of operations. This ensures that our learners are always satisfied- our splendid reviews are a testimony to this. Well this is the advantage you get for being a part of our learner community.

The user experience and engagement at LearnSocial is the best and we pride ourselves on that, as our ultimate goal is to have learners receive the best everything for their learning needs. Don’t take my word for it, log on to LearnSocial and check it out for yourself!

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