Why do I need to learn Business English?

Hello!! To all my readers here! I am glad that you took the time out of your busy schedule to read my blog.

I know you must be eagerly waiting to get the answer of the question: ‘Why do I need to learn Business English.’ If you know me by now, you will know that I will not give you the answer right away. Instead, I will ask another question that will lead to the answer.

What is Business English? Well, English (or the form of English) that is widely used in the world of business is known as Business English. Let’s take a step back and again sub-divide the word ‘business’. It comes from busy+ness (that’s my anatomy result of the word). That means, people who are into any business has NO time in life to stop and look into crap. Therefore, when we talk of Business English, we have to be careful with the choice of words that we make.

Now that we have the answer to ‘What is Business English’, I have to give you the answer WHY? This is not too hard of a task though. If you are a working professional, 95% of your office communication happens through documents. Let us take it step by step.

Step 1:  You have cracked a job and the HR sends you the offer letter or the letter of intent. What do you do? You reply to the mail i.e. you send an acknowledge email stating that you have accepted the proposal.

Step 2:  HR sends you the joining details list, which mentions the documents that has to be produced at the time of joining. Again you reply saying that ‘All documents will be produced on the date of joining.’

Step3:  You join on Day 123, and you get the’ Welcome mail’ from the HR team which gives you the name of the links and sites that would be necessary for you to access.

Step4:  You have an issue with the PC or laptop given at work; you send a mail to the NSS team along with the screen shot of the error that you have.

Step5:  One month is now over… and you have not yet got the salary. You send a complaint mail to the finance team and let them know that your account has been activated by the bank but the salary has not been credited.

Step6:  You have now been promoted in your team and your boss wants you to give a nice presentation on the achievements of the quarter. Can you do an effective presentation?

Step7:  Your boss also wants the Vice President to join the meeting. Do you know how to send the calendar request for meeting, send out the agenda and then make the MOM?

Step8:  God forbid that you have joined the HR department itself and there is a change in policy that needs to go on the company website. It is ‘You’ who needs to make a policy document and a memo.

Well! I can go on and on and on without an end to this. So think how important it is to be a good presenter, and an effective Business writer!

Today, you may say that I am executive or a fresher. But 1 year later you will be a fresher no more. Also, that your work pressure will increase to an extent that you may not even have the time to take a break and learn these basics by yourself. So why not invest the time with LearnSocial?

Think before you move out of this page!

Anindita, Language Specialist

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