Why do we need Spoken English?

Hi guys!! How are you doing today? Hope this week went through well. I am back on this Friday evening with another topic on English. This time I wanted to pick Spoken English. I love talking about this because all these blogs, I am sure, will act as an eye-opener to many of you. Why do we need Spoken English? Here is my answer to it.

Good English speaking skills are required in every aspect of our lives. We all know that English is the language that unifies the world, as it is the language known to maximum number of individuals around the globe. Today if we want a decent job, want to impress a girl, or desire respect in society, everything circles to our speaking skills. I was taking an interview last week, and to check on the communication asked a guy to talk on ‘How to improve Spoken English?’ The name of the candidate was Vishesh.

Vishesh found the topic to be very interesting and started talking of it right away. But when the group discussion started, he found it very difficult to handle the objections. In fact, he was unable to speak a single word. Whenever he attempted to speak, he was embarrassed thinking if what he was saying made sense and whether the crowd would laugh at him. No doubt that rejection was also on his mind as I was present there and he started sweating at 18 degree room temperature. The whole thing made him feel so heavy that he dropped the idea of going ahead with the interview and pro-actively walked off.

I felt sad at this instance. But, if you think for a while, you will find that we come across these cases so often in our daily lives. My question is what leads to these issues. After some deep observation into the minute details of these interviews, I was able to infer the following:

  • Poor Vocabulary– There are many people in my friend and family circle who knows English but lacks in vocabulary. Take the example of a simple acknowledgement. How many times do you hear OK?

Daughter- Hello Papa! I reached home.

Dad- Ok

Daughter- I hope you will be home by ten.


Daughter- I won a trophy today, I wanted to show you.


Daughter- Come soon.

Dad- Ok

Too many OKAY is absolutely not OK. Couldn’t he have just said- alright, I see, That’s wonderful etc.

  • Lack of practice– There are people around us who knows all the languages spoken in that region but never uses them and thereby lose practice. Take an example of my Mom. She is from a place that close to Karnataka border so she used to speak in Kannada. But ever since she got married and moved to Hyderabad she started speaking a bit of Telugu. Hindi is her mother tongue. After 40 years of marriage she can neither speak Kannada or proper Telugu. All she speaks is Hindi in the Hyderabad lingo. That is too much to handle; don’t you think so????
  • Anxiety-There is no need to lose your composure if you are not able to speak in English. If you think that interviews make you mad…just take a deep breath once you reach there and try to focus. Do Not get anxious. You cannot predict what the interviewer is going to ask you.
  • Lack of preparation-Many times we are not prepared on what to speak. Like when asked to give a Seminar on some topic, and we are missing the starting sentence to start with. This happens when we have not practiced or given considerable though to the topic. If we have free flowing thoughts and ideas, then conversation becomes a lot easier.
  • Memory loss– Imagine you are meeting the ‘would be in-laws’ and you can’t speak in English in front of them. It will be a shame for sure. I remember reading this somewhere…Akshit was invited to his girlfriend Ritu’s birthday party. He went there with a costly gift to make a good impression. There Ritu introduced him to his parents in English. Her parents asked Akshit about what he does and his hobbies. Akshit started to reply in English, but found himself struggling with words. Slowly he changed to his native language and his entire conversation was a mix of native language and English. Akshit was aware that he is creating a very bad impression by mixing the languages and his inability to speak in English is very clear. He lost all words and couldn’t keep his cool. This led to further frustration and shattering of his self-confidence.
  • Laughing stock-Many times it happened, that my teacher asked a question and I knew the answer but kept quiet, fearing that I will not be able to communicate my thought properly in English and people will laugh at me.
  • Unable to express correctly-I may know what needs to be said when, but due to lack of expressing it correctly, I may not like to speak it out. This leads to further frustration, as we knew that the listener is not able to understand our words.
  • Unable to understand others– In a communication, we need to interact equally with others. To converse properly we need to understand what the others are saying, and then respond to them. But if we have poor vocabulary, or are unable to understand what others are saying, then there is no way by which we can respond to them correctly.

The main idea over here is to identify your weak points and work towards them.

In my next blog, I will give you some tips that you can follow to improve on your skills. Till then Good Bye! Have a nice day ahead!!


Anindita Mishra

Language Specialist.

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